Internal Complaint Committee

As per Vishakha guidelines given by Honorable Supreme Court and with reference to Section 4 All India Council for Technical Education Regulations, 2016 vide no. F AICTE/WH/2016 (Gender sensitization, prevention and prohibition of sexual harassment of women employees and students and Redressal of Grievances in Technical Institutions), Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) has been formed to prevent sexual harassment of woman at work place.

Internal Complaint Committee sensitises the female faculty members and students on the prevention and prohibition of sexual harassment of woman at work place. According the Supreme Court’s order, Sexual Harassment is any unwelcome:

  • Physical contact and advances
  • Demand or request for sexual favors
  • Sexually coloured remarks
  • Display of pornographic content in any form
  • Any other unwelcome physical, verbal and non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature.

In keeping with the Supreme Court guidelines, MITPC established ICC against sexual harassment and atrocities against women at the workplace.


  • To promote awareness about sexual harassment through educational initiatives that encourages and fosters a dignified and safe environment for women on campus.
  • To provide a neutral, confidential and supportive environment for the campus community who may have been sexually harassed.
  • To ensure fair and timely resolution of complaints about sexual harassment.
  • To provide information regarding counselling and support services on the campus.
  • To ensure that students, faculty and staff are provided with current and comprehensive information on sexual harassment and assault.